Miniko Systems used to be a low level technical development company until they went bankrupt and reopened with government stimulus.  Shortly afterward, they anounced the release of their revolutionary product: consumer prosthetics.  

Controversy of StimulusEdit

Miniko systems originally went bankrupt trying to develop a social virtual reality system.  They were bailed out because their research seemed promising, but then they dropped the project entirely, focusing instead on developing prosthetics. Only later did they return to their original project, and even then all that came of it was a partial integration with their cyberbrains. This led some to argue that the stimulus was just a ruse to promote prosthetics.

Government ConnectionsEdit

Adding to the controversy is Miniko System's apparent connections to the Lightman Center.  Especially in light of their recent products, it seems likely that they are operating as a front for feild testing new research.  This would also explain why cyberbrains block brainwashing, as they are both developed by the same source.

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