The Lightman Center is an advanced government research base in Fellville, Virginia .  The center is split into four main sections or quarters that focus on different branches of research.


Little is known about the creation of the Lightman Center.  It was comissioned by FDR in his final days in office, but not built until several years later.  There are few details about the construction.  It functioned as a standard research center for several years, until at an unknown point a mysterious fifth section was added.  Shortly afterward, the Delray incident brought the center into the public view, but it was quickly forgotten.

Fisrt SectionEdit

First Section is the face of the Lightman Research Center.  As the computational branch, they deal with mostly normal projects, and have the most connections in other facilities.  They don't do much groundbreaking work by themselves, but they serve to analyze the data the rest of the facility creates, and created the REID to help with this.  For this reason, they also have the most interaction with Fifth Quarter.

Second SectionEdit

The mechanical applications branch of the Lightman Center, Second Section finds practical uses for the various substances that come out of Materials.  They also do construction work for Third when they need help, and provide them with reports of potentially useful materials.

Third SectionEdit

Headed by Dr. Michael Batton , the Center's Biology department shows his influence.  Since his transfer back to experimentation, Third has focused on biomechanical interactions, and has pioneered many technologies we use today.

Fourth SectionEdit

Fourth Section is mostly crazy.  This stems from their job of creating the most absurd substances known to man, but it doesn't help that they're part of a secret orginization, and they have almost unlimited resources at their disposal.  They are, of course, excellent at it, and produce enigmas on a daily basis.

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