Fellville began as a small logging town near the Virginia coastline, and was burned to the ground during the civil war, but was recently reconstructed for a research base after the DOD realized its strategic location.

Early YearsEdit

Little is known about the town, since they had little contact with outsiders except for trade, and most records were lost when the town was razed.  It was located on the James river on a small hilly peninsula, and it almost survived the war due to obscurity, except one lost scout happened to find it, and assumed it to be a secret military base.  After the civil war, no one bothered to rebuild it as the logging trade had ceased to be profitable on such a small scale.

Gulch Vally WarEdit

There is evidence to suggest that Fellville was originally two seperate settlements, but fought and merged into one.


In the late 1950's, the US government comissioned the reconstruction of Fellville as the location for the state-of-the-art Lightman research center .  Named for the famous microstatistician Thomas Lightman, it was chosen for its proximity to the capitol and the coast, while being secluded in a vally with only one main access route.  Little is known about the town afterward, except that it was rumored that the site was chosen not to keep people out, but to keep the things there in.  

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