Fifth Quarter refers to the extra section of the Lightman Center . The official stance among the workers is that this section does not exist, though other information indicates otherwise.[Citation needed]  Fifth Quarter is the reason the Lightman center exists. 


While some believe Fifth Quarter to be a cover name for the secret projects of the other four sections, this is not the case. Fifth Quarter was established primarily as a think-tank to carry out non-contractual physics research under Dr. Bowden.  After the Delray incident , most of their efforts turned to containing and exploring the phenomonon it produced.  Dr. Bowden stepped down from his position on the comittee to help with the recovery, and many researchers on the fringes of the other sections also transfered in.  

Another popular view of Fifth Quarter is akin to that of the famed Area 51.  This idea is most prominent among washer mystery hunters, and has little basis in reality.  The Center advocates this position, ocasionally leaking some of the less dangerous things to come out of Fourth section to reinforce it. The real purpose of the section is much deeper, dealing with the universe on a fundamental level.

According to leaked documents from the beginnings of the Delray incident, the phenomenon was the breakthrough that ushered in the new world order.

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