The Delray incident was the turning point in Fifth Quarter research.  Information is scarce, but during testing of a new kind of spatial analysis machine, something went wrong and it altered the makeup of the nearby space.  This phenomenon was responsable for many strange occurrences, and has been theorized to allow faster-than-light communication.

Public ViewsEdit

This section involves a fair bit of Wild Mass Guessing, so feel free to post any ideas you have.

According to the scientists working on the project, everyone is working to find a way to deactivate the phenomenon.  In reality, nothing is being done to stop it, as the government wants to hold on to it.

Urban legends theorize that the phenomenon is responsable for the mass brainwashings.  

Evidence from the lab suggests that the researchers there are actually working to deactivate it.

Better evidence suggests that they are just trying to surpress its original functions to focus on brainwashing.

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